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Made only from Grassello di Calce, a limestone from the Piave river outside Venice, VELATURA is a unique finish. VELATURA is different from the other Pietra Viva stucco finishes in that the application of the final coat of VELATURA is skillfully applied by expert artisans with a brush instead of a trowel.

Preparation for VELATURA requires a minimum of two coats of pure Grassello di Calce, and the final coat is created by adding water to the same Grassello di Calce which creates a seamless and velvet-like ancient finish.

Pietra Viva recommends the use of VELATURA only for interiors of wall and ceilings. 



Technical Information


VELATURA, like STUCCO VENEZIANO and PALLADIANO, is from the Grassello family and is made of Grassello di Calce (limestone). VELATURA is a 100% natural product.

VELATURA is applied in a minimum of two coats with a metal spatula and a third coat with a brush to create the famous VELATURA finish. A wax sealer is applied at the end of the process for protection. VELATURA is used only for interior walls and ceilings.

VELATURA is famous for its ancient and velvet-like finished texture. 

Pietra Viva can custom make or match any color according to the specific needs of each individual client and project.

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