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Loved by the Romans, the TRAVERTINO finish was used in most of the walls and columns of ancient Roman villas and has an aged stone-like effect and a porous texture.

The application of TRAVERTINO is complex and demands all of the skillful experience of the artisan, since there are four steps to the build-up process. Due to the stone-aged-like grain of the material, the finish must be uniformly applied in order to create a seamless effect. Made from the porous grains of Carrara marble, it can be used for both interiors and exteriors. 



Technical Information


TRAVERTINO is from the Carrara family and is made of Carrara marble dust. TRAVERTINO is a 100% natural product.


TRAVERTINO is applied in two thick coats with additional steps in between the first two coats where the artisan cures the material with a trowel and water while it is drying, obtaining an incredible stone-like finish. TRAVERTINO can be used for interior and exterior walls, ceilings and columns. 


TRAVERTINO is known for its ancient stone-like finish effect. 


Pietra Viva can custom make or match any color according to the specific needs of each individual client and project. For TRAVERTINO, Pietra Viva recommends warm colors like yellows, browns and reds for maximum effect.

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