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TONACHINO is very resistant to weather conditions and it was also used during the 16th century by the famous Italian architect Andrea Palladio in his villas. 

TONACHINO is a 100% natural finish and has been mainly used for exteriors. TONACHINO has a fine sandy texture and has been applied in most of the palazzos in Venice and throughout Italy. 



Technical Information


TONACHINO is part of the Carrara family containing limestone and Carrara marble dust. TONACHINO is a 100% natural product.


TONACHINO is obtained by applying a white base of primer and then two more coats of TONACHINO. The first base coat of TONACHINO is applied in preparation for a smooth surface of the wall and the second coat is applied in a thicker quantity. After a drying period TONACHINO is treated by hand with a special soft spatula in order to achieve an ancient sandy texture.


TONACHINO is known for its aged sandy texture finish. TONACHINO can be used for both interiors and exteriors. 


Pietra Viva can custom make all colors according to the client's need and project.

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