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Pietra Viva created POMPEI finish to fulfill the growing demand for a rustic thick finish. Thanks to its unique structure, the POMPEI is very versatile and can be worked in all different kinds of thicknesses and colors enabling us to obtain a rough texture with an aged finish effect. POMPEI is used for interiors and exteriors.


Technical Information


POMPEI is from the Carrara family and is made of Carrara marble dust. POMPEI is a 100% natural product.

POMPEI is obtained by applying two coats of Carrara marble dust. The first coat is applied in preparation for a smooth surface and the second coat is applied in a thick quantity. POMPEI requires great experience and knowledge of the material since the second coat needs to be worked while drying and at differing intervals. POMPEI is suited for interior surfaces only.

POMPEI is known for its old and aged texture and can be sealed with wax if needed. 

Pietra Viva can custom make all colors according to the client's need and project.

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