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METALLIZZATO has a beautiful silk-like, metalic effect that creates a unique transparency and reflection of light.

The most recent addition to the Pietra Viva family of finishes is called METALLIZZATO. Pietra Viva has developed this finish to compliment the old decorating techniques and combine them with new and modern technologies that are now available. The application of the METALLIZZATO requires a highly refined knowledge of the material composition since metallic powder is mixed with the stucco. METALLIZZATO requires three base coats of PALLADIANO with the final coat being applied to create the unique metallic transparency and reflection of light. METALLIZZATO is applied by Pietra Viva only for interior walls and ceilings since the stucco is created by the finest of Carrara marble. 



Technical Information


METALLIZZATO is from the Grassello family and is made of Grassello di Calce (limestone) with the addition of metallic powder. METALLIZZATO is a 100% natural product.


METALLIZZATO is applied in four coats. The first three coats are applied for a smooth base of PALLADIANO and the final transparent coat is applied from metallic powder and stucco to create the unique METALLIZZATO finish effect. METALLIZZATO is used only for interior walls and ceilings.


METALLIZZATO is known for its metallic finish and transparent effect. METALLIZZATO is used for interior walls, ceilings and columns only. 


Pietra Viva can custom make or match any color according to the specific needs of each individual client and project.

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