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The silky look and marble-like effect of MARMORINO provides one of our most beautiful finishes. MARMORINO is probably the best known finish for its unique characteristics of durability, strength and permeability. The Romans loved it not only for its beauty but also for the ability to resist water. 


Technical Information


MARMORINO is from the Carrara family and is made of Carrara marble. MARMORINO is a 100% natural product.


MARMORINO is obtained by applying three coats of Carrara marble dust. The first coat is needed to bring the surface to a smooth base - the second and third coats are applied to achieve the marble-like finish.
MARMORINO is ideal for interiors and exteriors and is water resistant.


MARMORINO is famous for its marble-like smooth texture. MARMORINO can be sealed with wax to obtain a shiny effect, if desired.


Pietra Viva can custom make all colors according to the client's need and project.


 Often used in the famous Roman Baths and anywhere with high levels of humidity, MARMORINO proved over time to be a perfect finish for the combination of beauty combined with the practical resistance to moisture. Made of Carrara marble, MARMORINO is perfect for interiors and exteriors.

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