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Technical Information


Unlike the MARMORINO finish, where is perfect for interiors and exteriors, the DIAMANTI is for interiors only.



DIAMANTI is from the Carrara family and is made of Carrara marble. DIAMANTI is a 100% natural product.


DIAMANTI is obtained by applying three coats of Carrara marble dust. The first coat is needed to bring the surface to a smooth base - the second and third coats are applied to achieve the marble-like finish.
DIAMANTI is ideal for interiors only.


diamanti is known for its marble-like smooth geometric forms and texture. DIAMANTI can be sealed with wax to obtain a shiny effect, if desired.


Pietra Viva can custom make all colors and sizes of the DIAMANTI according to the client's need and project.


The DIAMANTI marble like finish, is from the MARMORINO family with all the characteristics of the MARMORINO. Not only known for its durability, strength and permeability, it is also famous for the ability to create different designs and thicknesses. 

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