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Like PALLADIANO, the ARABICO finish is made from pure Grassello di Calce, a limestone found in the Piave river outside Venice, and the precious finely-ground Carrara marble.

Our skilled and expert artisans created this beautiful finish of black & silver ARABICO for our newest collection. To achieve this design pattern, movement and marble-like effect, a minimum of 4 layers are required. Pietra Viva recommends the use of ARABICO only for interiors. The luxurious marble-like finish of ARABICO gives the walls a wonderfully old world with a modern 3D effect. 


Technical Information


Like PALLADIANO,  the ARABICO is from the Grassello family and is made of a mix of Grassello di Calce (limestone) and finely-ground Carrara marble. ARABICO is a 100% natural product.


ARABICO application process requires a minimum of four coats applied with a metal spatula. ARABICO is only for interior walls, columns or other curved surfaces. A wax sealer is applied in the final stage for protection and to insure a glass-like, polished marble effect.


ARABICO is famous for its delicate, pattern design, and luxurious marble-like texture.


Pietra Viva can custom make or match any color according to the specific needs of each individual client and project.

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